Terms and Conditions

  1. This platform is strictly for Nigerian NYSC serving and ex-corp members
  2. Our service is strictly within the framework of online registration MOBILIZATION, ORIENTATION CAMP, CDS, PPA MATTERS, pop, securing jobs thereafter
  3. Any apartment you would like to know if its still available pls contact the director on (whatsapp) 08066677856 or 07016144888 and we will do our best to proffer solution to your accommodation issue BUT please ensure call to make appointment before time elapses.
  4. Also if u need a roommate and want to advertise on this platform pls contact us too
  5. Please note that on every INSPECTION we charge 500 naira for the consult transportation and on payment for the interested apartment you get to pay 2000 for the registration and agreement fees which entails you to fill a form and attach your recent passport photograph
  6. Please note all our apartment can be shared to reduce the rent charge
  7. Community members adding products for sale agree to surrender the products (appliances, gadget and kitchen utensils) to be in custody of AvikConsult till it will be sold, and which will then be displayed on KopasShop platform.
  8. Community members adding apartment/room give AvikConsult the permission to inspect the apartment before displaying it for rent on KopasShop platform.
  9. Clients' product delivery attracts extra charges of 500naira per product and to be paid to the "pickup and delivery agent"
  10. On all our service delivered, administrative fee of 20% will be removed from the total price of the commodity sold or rent paid.