About Avik Consult

The company, Avik Consult, was created unofficially on 4th August, 2008, we were into educational consultation and by year 2016 we launched BROTHERS KEEPER CONCEPT to expand our horizon to cater for:
  1. Prosective corps member online registration.
  2. Various state orientation camp transportation on mobilization.
  3. Camp activities.
  4. After camp transportation to various state of relocations.
  5. After camp temporary accommodation either from the existing serving corps members in ur LGA of posting.
  6. Permanent annual accommodation either shared flat or self contained.
  7. PPA matters.
  8. Nysc corps member awareness and hangout session to familiarizing them with their new environment and fellow serving corps member.
  9. Getting extra income from available opportunities.
  10. Business membertorship.
  11. Business plan and seedcapital investment worth 5 -10 million opportunities from bank of industry, you win, and others financial institutions for NYSC corps members only.
  12. Ecommerce platform to buy and sell within ur fellow and also transferring of house gadget like bed, cooking and electronic appliances, carpet or rug etc.
  13. Share your experience platform a social media forum where u get to share, network.
  14. Collaboration and vollunteer to humanitarian services for community development and make the world a better place.